Thursday 8 March 2018

Read All About It

It is not every day that you are offered a national newspaper column six days per week. Yes, in print, and sold in shops, and everything. Not until later in the year, but even so. Watch this space. 

Meanwhile, @ProudWhitePower tweets: "If #JaydaFransen is no longer legally eligible to be our parliamentary candidate here at North West Durham against @davidaslindsay, our candidate will be @TRobinsonNewEra. David Lindsay will be defeated. #BritainFirst"

Over, then, to Britain First, the British National Party, the National Front, National Action, the Britannica Party, the British Democratic Party, Ulster Resistance, the Orange Volunteers, the Red Hand Defenders, the Real Ulster Freedom Fighters, the Springbok Club, the London Swinton Circle, the Conservative Monday Club, the League of St George, the London Conference on Intelligence, of the Ulster Institute for Social Research, the Mankind Quarterly, Candour, Spearhead, Redwatch, Black House Publishing, Focal Point Publications (which is David Irving’s global nerve centre of Holocaust denial), Steve Bannon, Roy Moore, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Heinz-Christian Strache, Emil Kirkegaard and Toby Young.

Each and all of those either endorses Tommy Robinson against me, or it endorses some other candidate at North West Durham. In which case, who, exactly, and why, exactly?

Have they ever heard of me? Well, they have now. The British Far Right ones certainly always had done. The Ku Klux Klan interfered from America to support Neil Fleming against me as the successor to Hilary Armstrong sometime in the second Blair term. In the meantime, I have written for The American Conservative. And for Telegraph Blogs at the same time as Toby Young, who went to the trouble of blocking me on Twitter as long ago as that. Altogether, that furnishes more than enough ties to the Continent, too.

Well, now they all get to meet me. Bring it on.

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