Friday 20 May 2016

Campaign Patron

I am honoured and delighted, almost beyond words, to announce that the locally legendary and nationally well-respected Councillor Alex Watson OBE has today become the Patron of my campaigns for election to Durham County Council in 2017 and to the House of Commons in 2020.

Do get in touch:

Sunday 15 May 2016

My Mind Is Made Up

If I can raise £100,000 in the next year, then I will stand for the new seat here in 2020 after a solid three years of campaigning.

These days, it costs not much less than that to secure the nomination for a safe Labour seat (which this will not be), what with having to visit every party member at home at least once, send each of them a DVD about yourself, and so on, for many months and even years. 

I wonder how many people realise that.

Anyway, I am, as ever,