Wednesday 28 March 2018

Laura Who?

No, I am not "standing against" a person who this time last year had never set eyes on this constituency, who had to give a false address on the ballot paper (although she does live here now), about whose candidacy no one in the Constituency Labour Party had ever been asked, and the signatories to whose Nomination Papers were mostly less than prominent in local affairs. The list of those who had actively refused to sign would make for very interesting reading.

Her online fan club comes entirely from outside this constituency, where I have lived since before she was born. Her reputation rests on a speech that can only have impressed people who had never heard a speech before. When I was first introduced, by a person of some distinction, as "the man who should have been our MP," then she was still in school. If she chose to stand against me, then that would be up to her. But that would be what she was doing. And she would lose.

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