Thursday 27 April 2017

Now For YOUR Selection

The Labour nominee here at North West Durham is to be my friend, Laura Pidcock. If asked the straight question, "Are you a Marxist?", then I have no doubt that Laura would give the straight answer, "Yes." And, of course, there have always been Labour MPs like that. Whereas if asked the straight question, "Are you a Marxist?", my straight answer would be, "No." 

Like Cornel West, I have never been able to reconcile dialectical materialism with Christianity, and it is the Christianity that is non-negotiable. Like Michael Foot, Tony Benn or Jeremy Corbyn, I find that Marxism asks many of the right questions, but that it also gives many of the wrong answers. Like Benn, Corbyn and George Galloway, I can work with its adherents within and beyond the Labour Party in the common pursuit of economic equality and international peace, but I will never be one of their number, and they know it. 

This all makes me rather like Laura's own MP, Ronnie Campbell, whom she had been expected to succeed, but who is not retiring after all, necessitating this consolation prize even though she is only about 30 and could easily wait a few more years.

Here in North West Durham, the old Labour stalwarts, the Old Labour stalwarts, need to ask themselves whether they would be better represented by an undeniably articulate and energetic representative of the kind of Marxism that obtained in universities about 10 years ago, a representative brought in from outside. Or whether they would be better represented by, for all his faults, dear old David Lindsay, backed by Alex Watson and all that crowd. In their heart of hearts, they know the answer to that one.

Moreover, at the recent rally in support of the Teaching Assistants, a rally addressed very powerfully by her partner, my friend Daniel Kebede (another potential future MP), Laura ended up walking out when a leading TA activist whom I have known for decades, and who lives in this constituency, called for all Labour members of Durham County Council to lose their seats at the forthcoming local elections. I, of course, have expressed that view many times.

Please give generously, and please spread the word.


  1. I am thrilled to have such a strong northern woman standing as a Labour Party candidate in our constituency she has worked with schools across the northeast as well as here in North West Durham, she is articulate, vibrant and compassionate, she speaks from the heart and will be a peoples MP. The fact that she has achieved so much respect and acknowledgment for her work to date is a testament of her character, her commitment and effort, she will work hard for us and will represent the many. I will be supporting and campaigning for Laura, I believe her vitality and her skills will serve our communities well. I'm sorry to hear that you feel her age is a barrier David, surely we should be judged on our abilities to do a job. She is a very capable, resilient individual both on paper and in person. She has my vote.

    1. I'd love to see Laura in Parliament. But not here.