Saturday 29 April 2017

Blyth Spirit

Not to say, Blyth Spartan.

Laura Pidcock probably voted Leave, and for very much the same reasons as I did. Daniel Kebede certainly did so, and he made no bones about it on social media. But whether over the EU, or over various social issues, her supporters have no case against me that could not be made against her own MP, Ronnie Campbell.

Will she be voting to re-elect him on 8th June, and will she be encouraging other people to do so? If the answer to either of those questions is Yes, then she and her supporters have no case against me, whether on the EU or on social issues. At least, not beyond an insistence on always voting for the official Labour candidate, which is all very well for Labour Party members, but which is irrelevant to anyone else.

Assuming that the Lib Dem candidate is who everyone expects it to be, then this seat should be treated as a three-way marginal. Labour, of course, is not going to treat it as any such thing.

Please give generously, and please spread the word.

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