Sunday 6 September 2020

George Galloway Should Stand For Durham County Council

This has been sent to various local and national newspapers:

Dear Sir, 

Roger Liddle is an active member both of the House of Lords and of Cumbria County Council, so George Galloway could certainly be an active member both of Durham County Council and of the Scottish Parliament. In 2017, it took 749 votes to win a Chester-le-Street West Central seat on that Council, and 854 for the Leader of the Council to top the poll. Turnout was 1,870. Galloway would get that just by being on the ballot paper.

The defeat of that Leader would be heard from the souks to the favelas, from the Dalit colonies to the Rohingya camps, and from Kashmir, to Crimea, to the scattered outposts of Diego Garcia. Armed with an impeccably local running mate in order to stop the target from slipping through, Galloway is just the man to do this. We would need only to get him registered to vote in County Durham, and preferably in Chester-le-Street, in time to be a candidate on 6th May 2021.

Eric Joyce once described Galloway as having stepped beyond what was “reasonable and acceptable for Labour MPs”. Any Labour electoral opponent of Galloway’s, including the present Leader of Durham County Council, has therefore been endorsed by Joyce.

Yours faithfully,

David Lindsay, Lanchester, County Durham;
Lee Walls, Chester-le-Street, County Durham
Nathan Allonby, Consett, County Durham
Norman Bolton, Consett, County Durham
Michael Parker, Crook, County Durham

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