Tuesday 30 May 2017

Appauling, Indeed

I reproduce this without comment from Laura Pidcock's official Facebook page, Laura Pidcock for North West Durham:
Sunday was a very busy, but productive day.
Sunday started with a visit to BBC Sunday Politics, to discuss the appauling atrocity in Manchester in which twenty two, and seven from our region tragically lost their lives. We also discussed the plight of transport in our region, we receive nowhere near the investment that London and the South do. This must change.
We then went out on the doorsteps to talk with members of the public. I was very pleased to be joined by Shadow Education Secretary, Angela Raynor. She is a great fighter for our people.
I then attended a hustings at Christ Church in Consett. Members of the public put their questions to the candidates. I put forward Labour's positive vision for North West Durham and our nation.
My day ended at 2am this morning. I gained a fascinating insight into Consett's night time economy. I joined the Street Friends as an observer, who's primary aim is to make sure people have a great night that ends safely.
Today, I will be speaking at Pride in Durham and then will be back on the doors to speak to residents.


  1. That there are Teaching Assistants campaigning for her is truly appauling. That she was invited to speak at a rally organised by the NUT is truly appauling, too. But who is Angela Raynor? Unlike Angela Rayner, this Raynor sounds appauling.

    1. I trust that, unlike in the case of the Teaching Assistants, she did not walk out of the NUT's rally? Her own people, you see. Plebs, on the other hand, need to know their place.

      At what time did that rally begin? At 2am in the evening, perhaps? To distinguish it, as is apparently necessary, from 2am in the morning?