Thursday 25 August 2016

I Will Be Contesting The Lanchester Ward

Durham County Council has let it be known that, in express defiance of Jeremy Corbyn, it will not be giving justice to its Teaching Assistants. At best, they can expect a "compensation" payment that would not pay for a family holiday these days.

The 57 Labour councillors who passed this are objectively "worse than the Tories", who abstained, and far worse than the Independents and the Lib Dems, who voted against it. Their membership of the Labour Party is very literally bringing it into disrepute.

I do not want to join a party of which they are members. I believe that they ought all to lose their seats next year. I will be contesting the Lanchester Ward to that end.

This photograph will feature prominently in my campaign.


  1. This is such a crying shame. You should have been our MP for years by now. You should have been the next Leader, once Jeremy retired. Read your stuff on Off-Guardian, it's brilliant, which current MP could write like that? The PLP have already scraped the bottom of the barrel looking for a right-wing Leader. Imagine what the Labour membership will look like by next June or July. And the new NEC will have changed all the staff to stop a third purge. Another right-wing candidate wouldn't get 20% of the vote.

    1. You really are very kind, although certain other people who make a point of saying that I should have been the MP for this seat years ago did nothing about it, as they could have done, at the time.

      40 per cent last year, 30 per cent (by cheating) this year, 20 per cent next year, 10 per cent in 2018? Could they be that stupid?