Saturday 7 October 2017

One Week To Go

On Friday, either the "case" against me will be dismissed, or all juries and benches of magistrates in the country should thereafter disregard any and everything presented by the Crown Prosecution Service on any matter apart from Hillsborough, which it and the Police refused to take up until Margaret Thatcher was dead, just as they are refusing to take up Grenfell Tower until the 45-year-old Gavin Barwell, seated next to the Prime Minister's husband as she addressed her Party Conference, is dead.

Except on Hillsborough, just acquit everyone on the spot, because the CPS will have declared in open court that it was as bent as hell, specifically in having a directly corrupt relationship with the Leader of Durham County Council, Councillor Simon Henig CBE. Whether the corruption is directly financial, or the expression of tribal fellow-feeling, perhaps including a shared and overriding civic allegiance to a foreign power, I do not know. I very strongly suspect it to be both.

But that that corruption exists at all was proved beyond reasonable doubt when I was even so much as charged. Proceeding with the action against me would call for the immediate arrest of Henig and all other participants, for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, for malfeasance in public office, for conspiracy to murder, for international terrorism, for treason, and for anything else that one might care to list.

In the meantime, jurors and magistrates everywhere, if there is still an ongoing action against me this time next week, then just find everyone except the Hillsborough lot not guilty automatically, and let that be that, possibly forever.

I could only be convicted by a corrupted jury, and since there is not going to be a corrupted jury, then it is absolutely impossible for me to be convicted. Therefore, this whole business is, as much as anything else, a scandalous waste of public money. That money would have been, and would be, better spent on the incarceration of Lavinia Woodward, Andrew Boeckman, and their moral inferior, Simon Henig.

My victory has always been moral even if not legal, although it will also be that soon enough, so a Victory Rally will be held at a time, date and venue to be confirmed. The posters and so forth will either list Laura Pidcock MP as a speaker, or they will state that she refused to be one.

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