Tuesday 31 October 2017

Fabian Executive Election Result

I didn't get on, of course. As many people told me, "All the people who would have voted for you left over the coup." Still, the lowest elected candidate managed only 380 votes, and even the highest took a mere 589. 700 people could simply take over the Fabian Society.

Meanwhile, it remains the case Jeremy Corbyn is the most culturally significant British politician in living memory (he is everywhere, even on Gogglebox this week, and the little song about him is if anything even more ubiquitous in popular culture), the most agenda-setting Leader of the Opposition ever, and the global leader of the opposition to neoliberal economic policy and to neoconservative foreign policy.

If the Fabians are not to co-ordinate that critique at home and abroad, then who is? In preparation for the Corbyn Government that will lead Britain and the world out of politically chosen austerity, and away from wars of political choice.

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