Thursday 26 October 2017

Eve of Poll Card

The election for the Fabian Executive Committee is now in progress, and it will conclude at 5pm tomorrow. My 70-word statement reads: 

Jeremy Corbyn is the most culturally significant British politician in living memory, the most agenda-setting Leader of the Opposition ever, and the global leader of the opposition to neoliberal economic policy and to neoconservative foreign policy. Fabians must co-ordinate that critique at home and abroad, in preparation for the Corbyn Government that will lead Britain and the world out of politically chosen austerity, and away from wars of political choice. 

On the ballot paper are 27 candidates for various positions, plus one elected unopposed as Treasurer. All 28 of us have put in statements of up to 70 words. Mine, and mine alone, mentions Jeremy Corbyn at all. Voting is here. I ask for your support. Even in the time remaining, do please spread the word.

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