Thursday 11 January 2018

Georgie Girl?

I have not yet decided whether or not to contest the next General Election, but some people seem to determined to ensure that I do.

Here in North West Durham, George Galloway has apparently transferred his affections from me to Laura Pidcock, after I dared to publicise, as a journalist, the concerns of other constituents that, since she had been endorsed as a potential Leader by Owen Jones, she might share his views on drugs, on prostitution, on pornography, and on gender as a matter of self-identification. George, by the way, does not share those views. But what about Laura?

Here are a few more issues on which George has very strong opinions, with some of which I agree wholeheartedly, with others to a more qualified extent, with others more in aspiration than anything else, and with others not at all. The question is, since George has joined those to whom Laura is the Heiress Presumptive, does she agree with them?

George Galloway has supported every rebellion by one or more pro-Brexit Labour MPs on the Brexit legislation. Has Laura Pidcock? She has certainly not participated in any of them, any more than, on balance, I would have done.

George Galloway unconditionally supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, about which I am much more ambivalent, to say the least, where academic and cultural life is concerned. What says Laura Pidcock?

George Galloway sees no acceptable solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict apart from a single state from the River to the Sea, in which everyone would have one vote and that would be that, whereas I regret that cannot see how that could ever be made to work. What does Laura Pidcock think?

Therefore, George Galloway opposed Grahame Morris's motion to recognise Palestine in 2014, although he did not actually turn up to vote on it, whereas I would have turned up to vote in favour of it. What would Laura Pidcock have done?

George Galloway advocates a vote for Sinn Féin on both sides of the Irish Border, matters on which I pass no comment, although I am critical of Sinn Féin's turn to austerity and to Eurofederalism in government. Does Laura Pidcock advocate a vote for Sinn Féin on both sides of the Irish Border?

George Galloway supports a legal presumption of equal parenting, as do I, and he supports Fathers 4 Justice as an organisation, whereas I keep my distance from some of its tactics, and therefore from it, as such. Does Laura Pidcock support a legal presumption of equal parenting? Does Laura Pidcock support Fathers 4 Justice as an organisation?

And George Galloway is totally opposed both to abortion and to assisted suicide. As am I. But is Laura Pidcock totally opposed both to abortion? Is Laura Pidcock totally opposed both to assisted suicide?

One could go on. But these ought to do. For now.

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