Tuesday 30 January 2018

Development Vehicle

Good riddance to Shirley Porter as Leader of Haringey Council, and well done to Labour's National Executive Committee on having made her position untenable. But having arranged the meeting between Jeremy Corbyn and the County Durham Teaching Assistants the evening before the 2016 Durham Miners' Gala, which led to his endorsement of their cause during his Gala speech the following afternoon, I have always been very disappointed, even allowing for the distance involved, that he has never attended any of their subsequent protests, pickets, marches or rallies.

At last year's Gala, the previously supportive Durham Miners' Association even seated the Leader of Durham County Council, Simon Henig, on the platform with Corbyn and with Angela Rayner. The man whose political advice has led 472 of the Teaching Assistants to lose 23 per cent of their pay has been made Political Advisor to Laura Pidcock, who is herself notable for having walked out of the Teaching Assistants' Solidarity Rally when a speaker, who is now a constituent and near neighbour of hers, called for the defeat of all Labour candidates at what were then the upcoming local elections.

Had that advice been followed instead, then the TAs would have won by now. As they would have done if they had returned their champion, Owen Temple, at North West Durham. But as it is, they must endure Pidcock and her Advisor until I am elected for this seat. Justice for the 472 will be a non-negotiable part of the price of my support for any Government in the hung Parliament that is by far the most likely outcome of the next General Election. Please give generously. Very many thanks.

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