Saturday 21 July 2018

Constructive Inaction No More

I have just sent this to the Chief Constable of Durham Constabulary, copied to numerous journalists and to every non-Labour member of Durham County Council:

Dear Mr Barton,

You are of course aware of my case. There is no dispute that there has never been any intention of putting me on trial. The action, and even what might now be called the constructive inaction, against me has never had any motivation except to silence me politically. In that, it has been, and it remains, an abject failure. But in any case, it is against the law. Therefore, I am hereby making a formal complaint of malfeasance in public office, of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and of wasting Police time, against the Leader of Durham County Council, The Honourable Councillor Dr Simon Henig CBE, and against the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mrs Alison Saunders CB. I do of course require a crime number, and I look forward to your speedy and efficient pursuit of this matter. Very many thanks. 

Yours sincerely, 

David Lindsay

I need £10,000 in order to stand for Parliament with any chance of winning. My crowdfunding page has been taken down without my knowledge or consent. But you can still email instead, and that address accepts PayPal.

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