Saturday 17 February 2018

A New Campaign Patron

I am honoured and delighted, almost beyond words, to announce a new Patron of this Campaign. He is Davey Ayre of Stanley Crook, the Joint Secretary of Durham Trades Council (although he takes on this new role in a personal capacity) and a legend of the trade union movement, most recently in his stalwart and ongoing support for Durham County Council's Teaching Assistants.

Davey served for over 50 years as Secretary of the Crook Branch of UCATT, the construction workers' union, and he was blacklisted for life from the construction industry. He has attended my court hearings, and he has promised to do so again, if at all possible, on 11th April, should the forces of evil be so wicked and so stupid as to proceed with their action against me.

As a Campaign Patron, Davey joins Councillor Alex Watson OBE of Consett North, who served for many years as the Executive Leader of Derwentside District Council. Meanwhile, George Galloway has never formally resigned the position. He needs to come to terms with the fact that he is never going to be let back into the Labour Party. But let us not be distracted. Welcome, Davey Ayre. I am honoured and delighted, almost beyond words.

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