Monday 7 November 2016

A Strategic Dispute With A Hostile Employer

Lanchester people, get yourselves to the EP School (if you're from round here, then you know) for 8am tomorrow, to join the Teaching Assistants' picket of the school of which Ossie Johnson is a governor. Media expected.

Everyone, get yourselves to County Hall for 9am on Wednesday, and then to the Miners' Hall at Redhills for a rally at 12 noon, to be addressed by the President of the ATL and by the General Secretary of Unison.

Unison has released £150,000 from its Industrial Action Fund to support the Durham TAs, describing this as "a strategic dispute with a hostile employer." The largest Labour Group in local government, massively dominating the longest-standing Labour council of them all. With the Leader of the Labour Party openly and publicly on the other side, the side of the workers.

As am I. And as I shall remain. Up to, through and beyond next May's elections.

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