Saturday 10 September 2016

Footprints March for the NHS


Please join us on our march to save NHS services in County Durham and Teesside in October half-term (22nd-30th).

Under the new Sustainability and Transformation plan, NHS England and Wales has been divided into 44 ‘footprints’ which must make efficiency measures in order to access transformation funds.

Essentially, this is a bribe to implement cuts to our already struggling health service.

County Durham and Darlington trust has a £14.7m deficit which would have to be eliminated in order to access funds.

The effect on your public services could be so severe that only James Cook would retain an A&E department.

We vehemently oppose this dogmatic policy which will put lives at risk and therefore we are marching between hospitals in Northallerton, Darlington, Bishop Auckland, Shotley Bridge, Durham, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough and North Tees, in order to show just how large our footprint is and how dangerously isolated we will become as a result of these savage cuts.

Our intended itinerary for Footprints March for the NHS:

Saturday 22nd October, Friarage Hospital (Northallerton) - Darlington Memorial
Sunday 23rd October, Darlington Memorial - Bishop Auckland
Monday 24th October, Bishop Auckland - Shotley Bridge
Tuesday 25th October, Shotley Bridge - University Hospital of North Durham,
Wednesday 26th October, University Hospital of North Durham - Hartlepool
Thursday 27th October, Hartlepool - James Cook (Middlesbrough)
Friday 28th October, James Cook (Middlesbrough) - North Tees (Stockton)
Saturday 29th October, North Tees (Stockton) - Darlington Memorial

We will also be holding public meetings in each town or city.

Please join us on the march and attend our meetings.

Anti-PFI, pro-Reinstatement Bill, supported by 999 Call for the NHS and Momentum County Durham.

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